• Darryl Campbell
  • Untitled, NA
  • Photography
  • 13 x 20 inches
  • In order to no longer becoming a damaged unstable element of humanity holding in immense negative energy during sadness, There's an alternative of spiritual healing & stress relieving when acknowledging the life of Martial Art Madness With the ambitious and determined tendencies to deliver A1 Caesars pie of 150% consistent hard training during practice Major key vocabularies which glows and grows in thy brain; mind body technique & spirit Applied knowledge & wisdom 25/8 daily mindset when willing to train Especially during the daily reality test, enduring either emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain Every distant related tribe of humanity whom acquired congruent personalities Applying the understand the technical meanings of both brutalities and fatalities Along side applying the acknowledgment of life's value of morality Out of all universes Almighty Jah hath originated, I prefer Martial Art Madness Remaining to be an Phenomenal student as long as yours truly lives, until my shell of humanity rests in a casket...
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