ALFONSO OLIVA: Algorithmic Visions: A Data Driven Interactive Exploration

September 19 - September 28, 2019



September 19 – 28, 2019

DENISE BIBRO FINE ART, 529 West 20 Street, Chelsea, NYC is pleased to announce Alfonso Oliva’s solo exhibition, Algorithmic Visions: A Data Driven Interactive Exploration, running September 19 – September 28, 2019.

Oliva’s work is an amalgamation of his passion for photography and engineering. Contrary to the pervasive thinking that mathematics is cold, hard, and exact, Oliva illustrates that beauty can be expressed through it. His abstract works are based on mathematical algorithms that follow preset steps envisioned in his mind. The focus of his work is to make graphics that capture viewers’ attentions and allows them to leave reality, even for just an instant to venture into the visuals and embrace the emotions that each of the pieces evoke.

Oliva was born and raised in Italy. His love of math and art began as   young as the age of sixteen.

Since 2009, after moving to New York, he has experimented with different media and techniques ranging from video editing, photography, painting, digital sculpture, to digital and interactive graphics.

The human versus and in unison with technology. His algorithms picture the most beautiful things that evoke feelings and thoughts that can’t be seen. Although the final images may appear chaotic and busy, the creation process follows a very linear path. The artist begins with a concept often inspired by an event in his life, without projecting what the outcome may be. As he starts writing the code, the image evolves finalized only when the last line of code is written. The media offers many possibilities.

Options to explore the art is often just feeling and knowing when your work is complete. Oliva feels that the computer is like a human, “…If you give something good in input, you get something good in output… allowing one to express what is possible in no other medium.”

Alfonso Oliva was born in Cassino, Italy.  He has a bachelors and a Masters in Civil Engineering from UNICAS, Italy, a Master of Science in Structural Engineering from New York University, and a Masters with a focus in Computational Design from Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey. He is currently working on his PHD, his thesis titled: “Computing in the Arts: A Computational Approach to Sculpture Design” with UNICAS, Italy. Oliva has been recognized as one of the top 10 under 40 in the USA for his work in the field of computational design by the CE Magazine and recently received the Italian Young Talen Award from the Arkes Association in Italy.

Reception: Thursday, September 19, 2019, 6-8 pm. The artist will be present.