August 16 - October 20, 2022

Denise Bibro Fine Art, NYC, is pleased to present a virtual exhibition of outstanding artists chosen from numerous submissions for this year’s #COLLAGENOW competition.

#COLLAGENOW exhibition at DBFA celebrates the ancient tradition of collage, which is an art form loved by many. The word collage originates from the French word coller meaning “to glue” or “to stick together”. First developed in China in 200 B.C., it was then picked up as an art form victoriously in the 10th Century by Japanese calligraphers, who glued paper and used text on surfaces when writing poetry. The Asian world gravitated to the inherent uses of paper as a means and language of expression to emote feelings, relationships, compositions provoking heartfelt narratives. Collage as we know it came into our world with Cubist artists such as Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso, who first pioneered the twentieth century movement. These artists provoked us to see space and form differently by assembling and juxtaposing paper and other various materials on surfaces. Another 20th century artist, Kurt Schwitters, took collage to a whole new level. Up to this day many consider him to be ‘The King of Collage’.

Each of the artists in this exhibition honor their forebears and continue to validate this language of art in their own ways. We encourage you to review them all, compare and revel in the many forms of expression with collage that they have successfully mastered. By exploring their works we believe you too will see the endless possibilities, the many interpretations one can make, the insightfulness and play in life that they possess. We are sure that you will have a hard time picking, as we did, just one from so many, since they all have so much to offer.

Reinaldo Equisquiza, David Lavine, Jacqueline Dee Parker, Elizabeth Page Purcell, and Jullien Tomasello were chosen as finalists from this elite group that will be receiving further publicity in the upcoming weeks. Soon we will choose one artist to have their solo exhibition in the near future with DBFA. 

Featured artists include:

Allison Belolan

Charlotte Brown

Colleen Cunningham

Reinaldo Egusquiza*

Torea Frey

Vera Gierke

David Lavine*

Jacqueline Dee Parker*

Bruce Pollack

Elisabeth Page Purcell*

Jessica Rechner

Susan Reedy

Paul Antonio Szabo

Julien Tomasello*

Ellen Frances Tuchman