DBFA Holiday Offerings : Affordable Collectibles

December 4 - January 15, 2024

Denise Bibro Fine Art, NYC, is pleased to present an affordable Fine Art Collection, showcasing works by a selection of our esteemed artists. This unique collection offers both seasoned and novice collectors an unparalleled opportunity to acquire or gift a priceless soulful object.

In making a purchase from this collection, patrons not only gain possession of a remarkable work of art but also contribute to a multifaceted impact. Beyond the acquisition, it resonates with a ripple effect of interest, joy, and revelation, at the same time supporting the Artist’s practice. This mutually beneficial exchange creates a triple-win scenario—an embodiment of joy in receiving, the satisfaction of giving, and the immersive joy of experiencing art.

This holiday exhibition encapsulates the spirit of celebration and meaningful connection through the appreciation of fine art, enriching both the collector’s experience and the artist’s creative journey. Join us in this symbiotic celebration of generosity, and shared joy by exploring these affordable works of art.

ARTIST : Jacqueline Dee Parker

This ongoing series of small artworks draws inspiration from Horace’s “Ars Poetica,” crafting daily visual poems that encapsulate the artist’s essential rituals and creative concerns. Each piece serves as a contemporary exploration of discipline, process, craft, and the profound value of art, echoing a timeless dialogue on the power of language in the creative realm.

ARTIST : Ronald Katz

His works reflect a meticulous process, where ideas, forms, and textures are carefully navigated. With decades of working in the arts it is hard to categorize Katz’s practice. He has worked in various media and styles. Nevertheless, nature, the environment, antiquity, portraiture and the response to other artists’ works are prevailing subject matters.

ARTIST : Iliyan Ivanov

Using web-selected images of foreclosed houses and 17th-century Flemish still-lives, Ivanov breaks traditional rectangular forms, deliberately spilling images beyond panel borders. These pieces prompt reflections on human dwellings, the consequences of materialism, and the dual nature of fine art, challenging societal perceptions of prosperity, economic divisions, and the monetary reality behind art’s creation.

ARTIST : Rachel Kohn

Creating meditative landscapes, Kohn romanticizes the grotesque in paintings that explore cycles of growth and decay. Harmonizing the natural process of decay, her work seeks balance amidst shifting energies, revealing intricate layers through a fusion of watercolor, wax, and aqua resin. The physicality of the process, blending sculpture and printmaking techniques, unveils a complex two-dimensional landscape, inviting viewers to delve into her interpretation of the beautiful and harrowing cycles of life.

ARTIST : Tom Sime

Beginning with a primed canvas, each painting in Sime’s process involves squeezing white paint onto the surface, allowing it to dry to a clay-like consistency. He manipulates the dried paint before adding more layers for texture, resembling a plaster relief. A mold is then constructed with vinyl and metal tape, and a solution of oil color and paint thinner is applied, creating unique effects as the paint puddles and evaporates. After drying, he finishes with a pour of wax, adjusting thickness as needed. For the featured series, a white acrylic skeleton was stained with black India ink, offering a quicker drying process. These intricate pieces, though fragile, showcase a meticulous balance of technique and creativity.

ARTIST : Roslyn Meyer

Meyer is a landscape photographer whose work encompasses detailed panoramas and intimate natural scenes. Her photographs have a compelling painterly quality and explore the tension between surface and depth, reality and abstraction, motion and stillness. Her works introduce reflections of the man-made world, creating mysterious, elusive, exuberant and colorful images.

ARTIST : Paula Elliott

Paula Elliott’s works on paper depict mysterious imagined objects, capturing their intrinsic beauty and monumental qualities through interplay of space. With elegant line and color, she transcends the obvious, creating pristine yet nuanced compositions that provoke viewers to see the mundane as sublime. Abstract yet allusive, her forms blend hard-edge geometric shapes with rhythmic movement, offering an atmospheric space of uncertainty and mystery.

ARTIST : Sara Crisp

Sara Crisp’s encaustic works delicately balance the natural and human-made worlds, blending translucent layers with embedded botanical elements and intricate geometric patterns. Mica sheets add shimmering depth, harmoniously uniting the spiritual and physical. Each meticulously crafted piece captures the intersection of order and chaos, nature and science, inspiring the recognition of the divine within the mundane and preserving symbolic artifacts.

ARTIST : Alex “FDEZ” Fernández

Fdez’s artwork utilizes allegory, sarcasm, symbolism, and impactful images to critique culture, religion, social and political issues. Without taking a definitive stance, he aims to pose questions about society, capturing human emotion in response to the momentous paradigm shift in political and social rhetoric from 2016-2021, focusing on keeping a living record of human injustices and social differences through printmaking.

ARTIST : Danny Morgan

Morgan’s compositions aim not to dictate meaning but to provide a colorful, visceral experience for the viewer. Depicting the transitional space where music and color converge into visual form, his paintings invite individual interpretations, allowing viewers to explore their own intellectual, emotional, and visceral responses to each work.

ARTIST : Katie Yang

Yang’s abstract ceramic sculptures delve into the unknowable nature of our world, exploring the interplay between control and chance. Influenced by artistic traditions from both East and West, her work combines certainty and deliberate intent with the organic influences of Chinese ink, the clean lines of Brancusi, the versatility of Noguchi, and the colors of Monet.