Canvassing the Boros 2020

September 24 - October 10, 2020



Featured Artists: Dan Bauman, Elizabeth Castonguay, Carol Chave, Elaine Clayman, Joseph Hicks, Ellen Hirsch, Ronald Katz, Vera Manzi-Schacht, Kathleen Migliore-Newton, David Outhwaite, Penko Platikanov, Michael Poast, Anthony Polizzi, Gail Postal, Barbara Rosenthal, Sheila Smith, and Gerald Wolfe.

For several years, we have been hosting Art from the Boros exhibitions.

These exhibitions are comprised of artists who have submitted works from all the five boroughs. After reviewing the work, a selected number of artists are chosen for a studio visit and from those visits we further select artists to participate in the final exhibition. Artists from these exhibitions have now become affiliated with the gallery.

Denise Bibro Fine Art is providing further opportunities for these artists that are not exclusively represented by a gallery. This opportunity provides a glimpse into how much talent is in our midst and gives these artists an opportunity to exhibit, when such opportunities are scarce. It informs the public of the great diversity of art and talent that the metropolitan area has. These artists enrich our cultural and social environment. They are an integral part of the pulse and life of the city.

We invite you to view each of these artist’s works on our website, social media, and in person.