Don Kimes: Finding Memory- New Works

February 5 - March 14, 2015


Denise Bibro Fine Art, in Chelsea New York is pleased to announce Don Kimes’s second solo exhibition at DBFA, Finding Memory: New Works. The show will run from February 5th – March 14th, 2015.
Finding Memory: New works is inspired by the old and blemished paintings that were destroyed by a flood almost a decade ago in Kimes home. Fortunately, Kimes was fascinated by the outcome, drawing incentive from the way the ruined work looked after the natural incident.
Kimes’s acrylic and ink paintings are marked by bold splashes of color and unique textures. He draws inspiration from the effects of nature and time. He has replicated the look of casualty and destruction within his work deliberately, influenced by the effects of time and the power of nature, loss and rebuilding. Kimes’s work reflects the process of discovering beauty in the midst of tragedy, the rebirth after the catastrophe. In his own words, “I am using the second part of my life to re-paint the first.”
Noted painter Margaret Grimes says of Kimes… “Although the form and media of Don Kimes’ work varies from decade to decade, the essential themes remain the same: a fascination with the natural elements, the power and processes with nature, the fragility of human attempts to control and interact with them, and above all the passage of time… It is amazingly appropriate that this work will be shown in Chelsea, itself an area so recently devastated by its own life-changing floods. As is so often, the individual experience of the artist serves as a shamanistic function in the community.”
Kimes has had numerous solo exhibitions throughout the United States and Europe. Selected shows include the Galleria Moenia di Giuliana Dorazio, Italy; Katzen Museum of Art, Washington D.C.; Fowler Kellogg Galleries Chautauqua, New York; International Art & Artists, Washington D.C.; Casa Di Culture, Mexico; National Academy of Sciences, Washington D.C. and America Haus in Munich Germany. Kimes splits his time between Washington D.C., as head of the Studio Art Program at American University and as the Artistic Director in the Visual Arts at Chautauqua Institution in New York.