November 8 - December 10, 2005



Lisa Dinhofer’s third solo exhibition at Denise Bibro Fine Art continues to expand on her previous representational investigations. Her compositions have become more intricate and orchestrated. “Chasing Shooters” features some of her most complexly composed and technically virtuous work to date.

New York art critic and poet Cynthia Nadelman comments in the exhibition catalog for the show:

“…Lisa Dinhofer’s painting, Constellation has it all – classic repose, modernist intellectual rigor, drop-dead realist draftsmanship, fantasy subject, carnival color. This work takes Dinhofer’s strengths in a deceptively simple new direction. Constellation and the equally impressive Chasing Shooters feature Dinhofer’s signature marbles of every type and size and seem to make them do the work alone; there are no props (other than the unseen setups that make these still lifes possible). The intent is as formal as classic Sol LeWitt, while the space Dinhofer creates is her own. In Constellation, the marbles appear to sit somewhat randomly in concentric circles on a reflective royal blue surface; and in Chasing Shooters, they seem to float in a disembodied white box. The colors, the reflections, the placements all serve to create formal interrelationships of dazzling impact…”

In additions to this fascination with marbles is a general interest in everyday objects, such as lipstick, and fruit, and their potential to generate an implied narrative. These narratives take on a fantastic and whimsical quality as Dinhofer puts her unique compositional spin on them.

Her work has been reproduced in numerous books and catalogues and mentioned in prestigious publications such as The Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, Art & Antiques, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Art in America and Art News.

Her work is in several private, public and corporate collections including: The Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY; The New York Public Library, NY; City College, C.U.N.Y., NY; The Forbes Magazine Collection, NY; Rose Art Museum Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, Jane Voorhees Zimmerili Art Museum, Rutgers State University, New Brunswick, NJ; Pfizer Inc, NY; DuPont Corporation, Wilmington, DE; General Electric Co., Bridgeport, CT.

Lisa Dinhofer is an instructor of drawing at the National Academy of Design, School of Fine Arts, NYC.

There will be a reception for the artist on Tuesday, November 8, 2005 6-8 pm.