April 16 - May 23, 2020
Our current Featured Artist is New York based artist Paula Elliott. Elliot’s work is an exploration of space and light. Elliott is an architect of space and nuance using color, form, and light to its best advantage.
The luminous, ephemeral and atmospheric qualities created give the shapes individual character and an iconic presence. Elliott describes her work eloquently when she describes her motivations and manifestations:

“Originally derived from the concept of a container, a familiar and universal object in the capacity to hold, receive and deliver content, while exploring the enclosing exterior whether dense or permeable, of the shapes themselves.”

Denise Bibro Fine Art is committed to finding creative ways to promote artists and continue to survive while still following social distancing during these difficult times.
DBFA and its artists are offering beautiful works of art at reduced prices to facilitate our collectors journey in this uncharted territory.
We would like to give our collectors the opportunity to help the arts, the creation of art, and to acquire beauty without the distractions of our present “normal” lives.
Domestic shipping is included in the price.