March 13 - April 16, 2023

Denise Bibro Fine Art, NYC, is pleased to present a group show featuring a broad selection of diverse works of its affiliated and represented artists.

Art is the expression of self and the reflection of the world, it has the power to embody and represent the material and ephemeral through the multitude of styles and tools. The selection of works in this exhibition illustrates precisely how diverse and endless the language of art is. The pieces featured hint at the limitless opportunities for creativity, providing a cornucopia of materials, techniques, textures, skills sets, and ideas. All these works provide a window through which one can peak into each artist’s oeuvre and marvel at the boundlessness of artistic expression.

The exhibition includes the works of Eunice Agar, Giorgio Brogi, Nicole Callebaut, Sara Crisp, Lisa Dinhofer, Agop Gemdjian, Janet Goddard, Carla Goldberg, Francie Bishop Good,  Joseph Hicks, Serge Hollerbach, Fumihiro Kato, Ronald Katz, Chaim Koppelman, Gerson Leiber, Erica Licea-Kane, Bernd Mattiebe, Jerry Meyer, Roslyn Meyer, Danny Morgan,  Tim Ripley, and Dennis Tremalio.