October 1 - April 4, 2015

Denise Bibro Fine Art is pleased to announce our first visit to the Houston art community at the Texas Contemporary Fair. Please come visit us at booth 317 this year. We are premiering artists Dusty Boynton, Jerry Meyer, and sculptures by Mark Hadjipateras. In addition, we have sculptures by Martha Walker and paintings by Shane McAdams. Texas Contemporary returns to the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston’s downtown district this October 1 – 4, featuring sixty galleries from around the world and exciting access to a weekend of performances, panels, talks, tours, and after-hours events.

Dusty Boynton: “Dusty Boynton’s recent paintings demonstrate her ongoing interest in conflating the informal and the sophisticated. As The New York Times noted in a review, the work has, “A Childlike Style that Isn’t Childish.” Her cast of characters, with their enlarged eyes, heads, and other quirky features, abandon conventional draftsmanship or traditional depiction and end up in a world of their own…”

Jerry Meyer: “The originality of Jerry Meyer’s Memory Boxes begins with the artist’s drive to create an art of personal search in which not only the imagery but also formal components (such as composition and illumination) and the fine craft of construction reside together as expressive elements…”

Mark Hadjipateras: “Hadjipateras’ art is humorous in its awkwardness, but it is also aware of its relation to precedents that give it dignity by placing it within a recognizable context. This is an art whose childlike forms are capable of reaching, indeed of moving, an audience, by virtue of their immediacy and sense of reality as funky but complex emanations of mind…”

Martha Walker: “Her pieces feel amorphous, like living creatures dragged up from the bottom of the ocean or landed from earlier eons on earth. They start out looking heavy (which they are), but become lighter the longer that one ponders them. And from the strength of Walker’s originality and execution through to her adamant way with promotion, it seems that she’s now having her own moment of game, with a growing number of gallery shows up and down the East Coast drawing her attention…”

Shane McAdams: “Enamored of the unavoidable materiality of paint, Mr. McAdams creates uncompromising statements of physical fact. But he doesn’t forgo illusion: The images “discovered” during painting—microscopic life forms, dew-covered spider webs and constellations—rescue the work from object-like inertia. Illusion and, with it, metaphor slip in over the transom, whether Mr. McAdams wants them to or not. It’s to his credit that the paintings are allowed to develop on their own terms…”