Daniel Borlandelli: Vendaval

March 10 - April 9, 2011

Denise Bibro Fine Art presents Daniel Borlandelli: Vendaval, March 10th through April 9th, 2011, featuring painting, works on paper, and sculpture. Borlandelli’s explosive, multifaceted compositions employ dramatic use of color, as well as several distinct painting and construction techniques. Inspired by nature, he juxtaposes bold, gestural mark-making with jewel-like, tightly rendered symmetrical forms. Vendaval refers to a forceful wind capable of causing violent squalls. The howl of this invincible wind rages across the surface of Borlandelli’s work.

The canvasses and works on paper conjure a range of natural elements: hot lava spewing from the earth’s core, the delicate bifurcation of plants, river tributaries, and radiant celestial spheres, exploring repetition in nature from an infinitesimal scale to a colossal one. The polychrome sculptures are writhing abstract forms constructed from tiny fragments of wood, fastened with multitudes of screws. The effect is that of growth captured in stop-motion photography: a form that is at once at rest, yet bursting with movement and raw energy. The sculptural forms appear to have escaped from the canvasses and assumed a life of their own.

Borlandelli has mounted solo exhibitions at venues including the Uruguayan Cultural Center and 43 8th Avenue Gallery, both in New York, NY; Edward Williams Gallery, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Hackensack, NJ; Studios on the Square Gallery, Roanoke, VA; Jennifer Gallery, Avon, CT; and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Montevideo, Uruguay. His work has been featured in group exhibitions at Denise Bibro Fine Art, New York, NY; Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY; and the Museum of American Art of Maldonado, Maldonado, Uruguay. He is the recipient of the Pan Am award for Young Artist of Uruguay; the Calle Entera Gallery Vincent Van Gogh Award; and was elected “Best Emerging Artist of the Year” in 1987 by the International Art Critics Association, Filial, Uruguay. He is represented exclusively by Denise Bibro Fine Art.