We are glad to announce that Denise Bibro was invited to serve as a juror for Salmagundi Club Junior and Scholarship Exhibition, which highlights new and talented young artists.

The exhibition is on view January 10, 2022 – January 29, 2022, at the Rockwell gallery in Salmagundi Club, New York.

Denise Bibro shared her thoughts on some of the works from the exhibition:

I was most impressed with the quality and diversity of all the work. I encourage all these young artists to continue their art. Each one of them is a winner.

Time by Qudir Ayodele

This work was singled out because of its uniqueness in format and skill. The artist juxtaposes traditional elements of painting and rendering with geometric forms. By employing wood and paint the artist successfully combines both representation and abstraction to tell a story. The artist’s skill in painting this man, with rough undulating layers of skin, riveting eyes and ware of a person of years of character building encourages the viewer to look closer at this embodiment of life and decades of experience.

Lovebirds by Dan Bunn

This still life composition is reminiscent of 17th century Dutch paintings. It is beautifully painted, with dramatic compositional forms, shapes, light, shadow, and richness of textures. The light coming from the small window to the right suggests a vast world outside, dramatically contrasting an intimate world inside with its rich dark colored walls and table. The painting presents an indulgent vignette for the viewer. The artist deftly employs subtle shades of browns, blacks, umbers in the background and contrasts it with the illuminated lush colors of fruits. The coupling of two birds enamors us. At the same time the undulating shape of an almost fully peeled lime and the halved melon, the richly painted chalice filled with liquid suggest that whoever was present just left, letting the pair of loving birds be alone. 

Sarah by Tyler Berry

This representational painting of a young woman is richly painted with subtle flesh tones of various hues of pink, beige, white. They are highlighted with rich, somber tones of green, grey, umbers, etc. The beautifully rendered ear of the woman and the lovely rendering of the outline of her face enhances the reverie of the subject in a quietly held moment. The artist managed to elicit a tactile response in the viewer by their apt representation of textures.

Big Catch by Zachary Schrage

The rich, complex, and intense black and white ink drawing of the artist is compelling and beautiful. One may think of the story of Moby Dick or artworks of Winslow Homer when looking at this image. Schrage’s artworks are narratives of grand happenings. The pillowing clouds and cascading rough waves speak not only visually but almost in words. Black and white enhances the urgency of the moment depicted. The undulating contrast of shapes and forms echo the characteristics and foreboding qualities of the natural elements that are depicted, showing the iconic human experience amidst the grandeur of wild nature. 

The above are outstanding examples of the best of a whole lot of fantastic artists in the mix. Each of the artists that submitted their works had great value and deserve to be exhibited. I applaud their courage and fortitude and encourage all of them to continue their pursuits in the art world.



Open Call: Art from the Boros IX


It’s that time of the year, Denise Bibro Fine Art is having its open call for “Art from The Boros.” For the past eight years we have selected diverse and hardworking artists to participate in this annual group show highlighting talent found within New York City’s five boroughs. The mission of the exhibition is to seek and find the pulse of talent in the city that is often overlooked and underexposed.

Again, due to COVID we will conduct our search and presentation differently than in prior years

We are asking artists in the five boroughs to submit all works virtually. From these submissions we will choose TEN artists for a virtual exhibition (on our website and in the first half of 2022. From those ten artists we will then choose ONE to have artist to have a solo virtual exhibition in the coming year.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Sunday, March 6, 2022
Open to all mediums; performance art must be digital


  1. No primary gallery representation
  2. Live and/or work in any of the five NYC boroughs
  3. Completed Prospectus Form
  4. $50 entry fee


  • Please pay via PayPal [email protected]. Include first name and last name OR make a check payable to Denise Bibro Fine Art: PO Box 1071, New York, NY 10011
  • Please email all virtual documents to [email protected]
  • Fill out application form including:
    * A maximum of 10 hi-res images as jpgs, file title should be title of the work
    * Email should include title, date, size, medium, and retail price for all works
    * State whether you paid via PayPal or check
    * CV as a word document (if applicable)



Jurying will begin on a rolling basis. Artists will be notified within two weeks after deadline if they are selected.